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Desire and fragile


I might want to express a sense of chaos in life, chaos, when night falls and it gets dark, what glows, the lights of the parade, the jade and jewels, the lure of the amusement park, maybe the lights of the houses, maybe just the light itself.


Jade and jewelry


All this light of desire presented on my body, the beads and jade on my hands, the necklace on my neck and the veil blown down in front of me, made this otherwise ordinary and plain me shine and let my dull soul emerge with a gorgeous glory.


Dazzling and Chaos


I wanted to create a visual effect with the repetition of the beads, the circles, the desire, and the complexity.


Faith and Karma


As God said, let there be light, and so there was light, and all kinds of desires. There is light and there is darkness, it is evil and there is goodness.

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