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Yanjun Chen, also called Yann, is a freelance illustrator based in London.

Yann self-published her illustration zines "Nightmare River" and "Shadow Self", which won awards in Communication Arts, 3x3, Hiii Illustration and Creative Quarterly. Yann's work explores Lifestyle, Relationships, Relax Stuff, Oriental Folklore and Lovely Girls, Occult, Financial topics, and Healthcare.

When not working, Yann enjoys listening to podcasts, watching documentaries about nature, loving all things about poetry and literature, reading (make a monthly reading list! ), and going for a walk in the park!


2021-2022, MA University of the Arts London, United Kingdom
2015 -2019, BA China Academy of Art, China



2023, 3 X 3 Illustration Competition, Merit

2023, Communication Arts, Award of Excellence
2023, Creative Quarterly 71, Runner-up

2019, Hiii Brand Illustration, Best of The Best



2023, The Movie, Shanghai Touch Art Centre, Unicorn Publishing Group, Shanghai&London

2023, DIY Market, London

2023, Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London
2022, Purkinje Hermit Designer Popup Market, London



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