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Hey, I'm Yann, INFJ and Ice apple puree lover. You're looking at three year old me giving up struggling with my dad's arm and camera :).


or on Instagram @yannjun_chen

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Yann Chen is a freelance illustrator born in China and currently based in London. She has a BFA degree in Illustration&Comic from China Academy of Art and recently graduated from UAL MA in Illustration and Visual Media. She has years of experience in editorial and marketing illustration for magazines and brands.

Yann's sights always land on the narrative approach of the illustration. She hopes to break down the language and culture barrier through her illustrations. Yann is continuously inspired by Eastern art, culture, philosophy, occultism, and humanity's emotions, she likes to draw illustrations that are sensitive and strong, with stable and calm shapes.


Selected clients include China Campus Literature Magazine、BAZAAR MEN x Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) 、Douban、Ramona Mag、Firewords Mag、 Is Light Poetry、Still Listening Mag、Kangshifu brand x GumLab、Luoshenfu NFT Project、Ouch! Mag、Meituan Delivery x Links、Snow Beer and Sisters' Mutual Help.


合作客户包括但不限于:豆瓣、中国校园文学、芭莎男士 x 无国界医生、康师傅 x GumLab、 迪士尼疯狂动物城上海宣传片 x UGLY 安戈力文化、美团外卖、雪花啤酒、是光诗歌、伦敦Firewords杂志、澳大利亚RAMONA杂志 、伦敦 Still Listening杂志、洛神赋 NFT 项目、姐妹互助Shelps等。


2021 - 2022, MA University of the Arts London, United Kingdom
2015 - 2019, BA China Academy of Art, China





2023, The Movie, Shanghai Touch Art Centre, Unicorn Publishing Group, Shanghai&London

2023, DIY Market, London

2023, Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London
2022, Purkinje Hermit Designer Popup Market, London


2023, Ouch! Magazine, Queens, NY, USA

2022, Communication Arts Interactive Annual 29 Magazine, Belmont, USA

2023, Illustration Annual 64th, New York, USA

2023, Issue 71 of Creative Quarterly, Brooklyn, USA

2023, Little Press 'Doppelganger: My Shadow Self', Gosh!Comic, London, UK
2021, HiiiBrand International Illustration Portfolio 7th, China 


2023-2024, Illustrator, 'Enabling every child to have a cherished childhood' , 是光诗歌Shiguang Poetry Nonprofit

2023, Illustrator, 'Just For Women-Exchanging illustrations for 1 year's supply of sanitary towels for girls from remote rural schools', 媎妹互助会Sister Sorority

2015, Volunteer, Suzhou Tzu Chi Summer, Buddhist Compassion Relief 慈濟Tzu Chi Foundation, Taiwan

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