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tiger inside

The love of an emperor

I draw an image of a Qing dynasty aristocrat in an imperial dragon robe and in front of him there are some fierce animals like a black panther, a tiger, a brown bear and a panda, they are crossing the road and we can see a Siamese cat walking in front of the fierce animals, I was like kind of wanted to express this interesting difference in size.


I don't know if anyone has seen 'good hunting' in love, death and robots, it's my favourite step and I wanted to show a similar vibe atmosphere, although there are no robots, it's like the emperor's love for the rare beasts, a kind of perverted love, so to hunt the furs and bones of the beasts and take them for himself, you know, some kind of , He has a strong possessive instinct..and of course, It's not uncommon throughout history for this sort of thing to happen, using power and money to hunt for things that you love. That's probably what I came up with these elements, and even as I was drawing I came up with this story of power and love, and I started Just try to find connections for these elements. I didn't think I'd come up with a story, and I think I'll continue to draw this series, about four of them.

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