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Comics I made at the end of 2017

Nightmare River

Because we can’t choose our parents, when babies cry for the first time and come to the world helplessly, it means that one small life has to fall into the long stream of life from the warm and safe river of mothers. However, what we are born with - all from a little life of our father and a little life of our mother - coagulates this “I”. In the process of growing up, facing oneself gradually grow into an individual who is more and more similar to his parents. The pain and contradiction of it.  The theme is the story of an “I” with tumors all over my body, float and sink in the river and finally land on the shore and gets salvation.


For me, I didn’t realize it at first. In fact, my heart is secretly complaining about my parents. It’s also a stage of Freudian theory, and my subconscious is aware of it. It makes me dream and dispel. It also transforms this invisible sense of resentment and uneasiness into something more concrete - tumors. The tumors here represent the parts of me that are not good enough and that I secretly hope to heal myself.


Tumors fall off, that is, trouble is eradicated.

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