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Comics I made in 2017 winter

Daylight and Midnight

In modern society, people are busy and close themselves in one side of the mobile screen every day. People distort their bodies and shape themselves into various shapes to cater to social media and real friends, to adapt to the rules and regulations of society.


People need to get along with their colleagues at work, socialize with their teachers and classmates in class, and deal with their parents’ expectations and loss at home. There are rules and regulations in any intimate relationship. If you do not want to lose control, you must change your mind, starting with body language. However, when a person is alone and feels that he only needs a person to talk with him quietly, it seems to open up another side of himself. She wanted to escape, but there was nowhere to go.

Daylight(Left): There are many different individuals trying to adapt to the same square frame. Their faces are not painful because they are used to the oppression. However, body language expresses their maladjustment. The two above means no change, and remain the same, and the two below mean change. The people in the upper left corner have been perfectly adapted to their situation, and they are also very clear about where their hands and feet should be placed. People in the lower left corner are adjusting their posture to try to change. The people in the upper right corner are content with the status quo and don’t want to change though they feel uncomfortable. The person in the lower right corner is temporarily adapted to this situation, but the face raised indicates that she wants to change and escape. But once they leave the rule of the law society, they have nowhere to go.

Midnight(Right): The small stars around the screen indicate the energy field emitted by everyone, just like the stars in the universe. The people in the picture are locked in the square objects built by themselves. The toilet is the way to vent and the way to escape. He was still dressed in his work clothes. He held himself with his arms, hoping to give himself some comfort.

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