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"At a certain moment"

Walking, jogging, letting us wander through the murky green sea and celestial blue jungle, in the chaos, in the confusion, and at a certain moment, abruptly finding our shadow.

"I look far away"

I untied the curtain woven of green coral velvet, and separated it from a thicket of flourishing grass and trees, and through a gap between life and time, I looked far away.

_I was lying in the dream_
"I was lying in the dream"

As I lay down, the slightly heated wind blowing on my face also became gentle, and the cruel unending time seemed to slacken too, I was lying in the dream, and the cottony clouds were floating around low, as if my mind turned into that.

_ Building the World of Me_
" Building the World of Me"

What kind of a world is this? If I want to survive, I have to keep facing a new day as the sun rises day after day, under the scorching sun, in the midst of the sand, I dragged my long shadow on, building the world of me.

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