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Playing chess with self

If my desires, fears and loves were presented as a cabinet of curiosities, then you might find the ubiquitous Tai Chi diagram.


I hold this circular cabinet of curiosities in my yellow hand, a giant Tai Chi curve dividing the cabinet into two parts, left and right. The omnipresent eyes of my life are hidden behind my broken mask, the face of me holding the round cabinet is reflected in the round mirror in the center, and a blue tree with jewels hangs above my head; the blue-haired, yellow-skinned me on the right and my yellow-haired, blue-skinned alter ego are playing Go, a silent encounter through Go. I, who was painted on a classical Chinese painting, was separated by a taiji curve, which was exquisitely beautiful but could only stay in the painting and could not escape anywhere. I kissed my alter ego, and in a world full of chaos and hatred, I imagined someone who loved me with my whole body and heart, to talk about myself.


This is Cabinet of Me, this is me.


Warm each other up

If you show the "I" in the form of a display case, then you may find the ubiquitous taiji diagram. For example, in this separate section of the display case, the leftmost me with pinkish-blond hair and dark blue skin is hanging for my sins; the rightmost is the opposite, except that in this case I am dressed as a blue nun, trying to alleviate some of the pain with prayer. And in the four consecutive rows of cabinets located in the middle, we sat across from each other on our knees in uncomfortable positions, seemingly poured and held in place by the cement named after the rule, as we murmured and clung to each other in this narrow display case.

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