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My recent series of illustrations for Shiguang Poetry’s April Spring Special, this issue‘s keywords are Flower Resignation Tree, Green Window Veil and One Branch Spring 💚 Thanks to Yihan for her writing, Xiaohe for editing, Xiao Sunshine for proofreading and Aran for being in charge, as well as everyone in the special team for their gentle encouragement and companionship at every turn! 

"If you, too, feel pain in the spring, don't apologize for this sensitivity. "Spirituality begets feeling, and feeling begets weeping." We cry because we perceive everything so truly. You will be surprised to see that in the hearts of those mountain children, the season of mountain flowers and wild flowers also hides many waves. Today, let's linger for a while in these children's poems, share the common spirituality, and use this poetic connection to spend spring together."

4000 x  4000px
April, 2024, giclée


ChaoXiang Zhang, 12 years old


You know what?

Being a patient

Used up all my pain

"Those who are experiencing and have experienced illness will surely feel the strong emotional energy in this little poem. The feeling is so real and at the same time so difficult to articulate, spitting out a sense of loneliness - we are all left to face those deepest aches and pains of life alone. But when the expression is heard, we can add a connection." Written by Yihan.

My Happines
4000 x  4000px
April, 2024, giclée

My Happiness

Yinhai Wei, 9 years old

When my mom and dad came back

My happiness comes back too

When my family leaves

My happiness also leaves

When my family gets sick

My happiness gets sick too

When there's no news of a loved one working abroad

My happiness is also dying with them

When family members beat me and scold me

My happiness becomes wet with tears

When happiness disappears

I was trapped in the darkness

It turns out that happiness can be "sick" too. For the young poet, the state of happiness is closely related to her family, her emotions, her breath and her light. And for this changing happiness, the nine-year-old says, "Although my happiness is a bit incomplete, I will cherish my happiness." Written by Yihan.

Warm carbins
4000 x  4000px
April, 2024, giclée

Warm cabins
He Lei,11 years old 

On the beautiful sea shore

There's a happy cottage

Inside it was beautiful

There's a man and two dogs.

Whenever I was sick

The two dogs cared for me

But there's no medicine in there.

We're going to be wandering on this endless sea forever.

The little poet describes for us in simple language the beautiful beach, the "wandering" life of man and dog. When you are sick, there is no medicine, but there is care from the dog, and this emotional healing is the prescription given by the little poet. We don't need too many things, we have a partner who really cares about us, and we have a hut of our own, which is also the place where our hearts are at ease. Written by Yihan.

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